It Hurts but It’s Good

A couple of weeks ago, two of my closest friends attended a court date that would forever change their lives and those close to them.  For about 14 months they have been foster parents to a handsome baby boy just a few months over a year old.  I have had the privilege of getting to watch them pour every ounce of love they had in them into this little guy.  After the final court date the judge ruled that this little boy be placed into the custody of his aunt and uncle. It was a ruling that rocked my close friends and all of us close to them.  It hurt, made no sense, left us all confused, and with a part of our hearts missing.   I do not have many years of wisdom under my belt, but one thing I have observed is that God does allow things to happen that flat out hurt and often leave us with more questions than answers.

After the judge made his ruling I was one of many that surrounded Brandon and Paige for the remainder of the day.  We all spent the day laughing, crying, sharing memories, and praying for Gods peace, comfort, and strength.  As I was on my way home I was listening to the local Christian radio station when Dr. Larry Crabb shared a story of a friend who went through a painful season.  The friend told Dr. Larry Crabb that the pain hurt, but it’s good.

I couldn’t help but think about how God is working for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).  I think the hard part is to get to the good stuff, to live abundantly, to press on, to endure, often means going through some hurt.

The ultimate pain ever felt, was when Jesus hung bloody and beaten on the cross shedding his blood for all of us broken people so that we may know and worship our heavenly father! Not only was there physical pain, but imagine the pain God must have felt as his only son breathed his last breath on the cross.  But, in the midst of the greatest pain ever felt on earth there was good.  It hurt, but it was good.  It was necessary.  It was the only way you and I could ever have a way back to our heavenly father! However, those closest to Jesus were hurt, lonely, and confused.

Life throws us curve balls, God allows us to go through adversity, it sucks at times, it leaves us wondering what in the world we are going to do, and how will we make it.

Our God is faithful! Life may hurt, but it’s good.



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