Weekly Confession: Which God do I serve?

Yesterday at I had the privilege of delivering the message during our second service at Oasis.  The general thought for the message was “Which God Do You Serve?”.  The text was 1 Kings 18:16-40 where Elijah confronts King Ahab and the Israelites about serving false gods.  In my message I discussed how much like the Israelites put their trust in false gods instead of the one true God, we also put our trust and worth in things that can’t fulfill the promises of God.   I have to be honest, it was one of the toughest messages I have ever preached.  Not because I felt like I struggled the entire time, but, because I felt like I needed someone to preach it to me.  After studying for the sermon last week and delivering it yesterday, God has definitely revealed to me what my false gods are.

Last Thursday my wife was  in a fender bender.   Thankfully, she was not hurt at all and  the vehicle she hit had very little damage done to it.  However, our vehicle was pretty banged up.  Through out the process of dealing with our insurance, getting a rental car set up for my wife to drive, and figuring out how much all of this is going to cost even after our insurance helps out, I have found myself totally frustrated.   Why?  Our car is pretty beat up and we are going to have to spend money that was in an emergency fund specifically for events like this.   But there is something about “my things” being damaged and having to actually use the emergency account, that, consumes me with worry.   I can’t stand for my things to be damaged…ever…and I certainly don’t want to spend the money we have saved for emergencies.

What does all of the above say about me?  I am too attached to my things and I put more trust in the emergency account than I do in God.  I hate to even type that last sentence.  I don’t really even like things that much, but what I have I am too attached too.  Even though God has blessed me with an emergency account for rainy days, I can’t believe he would actually place some adversity in my life to have to use the emergency account!

The truth is there nothing wrong with having some material goods in my life and their nothing wrong with an emergency account.  What is wrong is when I am so attached to my things that I throw a fit when God wants to stir up some adversity to increase my faith and when I trust in my emergency account more than I trust in God to re-supply.

Lord, I confess  that I put too much value in my things and trust in money way too much.  Lord help me to value you above all the stuff in my life and to trust in  you more than money.  I am  your son and you are my perfect heavenly father.  You are my shepherd; I have all that I need.




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