I’m Still Listening

I’m a frequent listener of Pandora Radio.  I love to sit in my office or at Starbucks working on a project with my favorite Pandora Radio station playing in my headphones.  There’s just something about music that helps me get things marked off the to-do list.  If you are a Pandora listener you may relate to what I’m about to explain.  After I dive into the tasks before me, the music playing in my ears begins to fade away.  It’s still playing, but I don’t hear it like I did at first.  After more time has passed Pandora will stop playing completely and give me the option to click a tab that say’s “I’m Still Listening”.   After I click the tab Pandora will resume playing my favorite music.

The truth is, I have usually become so caught up in my work that I’m not really listening any more.  I wonder how often God wants to ask us if we are “Still Listening”.?.?.?  I am personally guilty of getting so caught in the events of the day that I miss out on the moments where God is trying to speak to me.   This is one thing I love about my wife.  She never fails to notice the beauty of the sky or a sunset.  She always takes time to notice Gods beauty through his creation and God always moves her through his beauty.  It’s always a moment of listening and worship for her.   I believe God is constantly trying to speak to all of us and desiring us to worship him.   The problem is we are too caught up in things that keep us from noticing.

Let’s slow down, notice, and listen.

“Be still, and know that I am God…The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is here among us…” Psalm 46:10&11




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