What Is Prayer?

The idea of prayer has been on my mind a lot lately. It started when I realized that I didn’t fully understand what prayer was, or at least what it should be. Then it started popping up everywhere: people asking me to pray for them; emails from friends asking if they could pray for me; stories in the media about the power of prayer, the myth of prayer, both the usefulness and uselessness of praying; and so on.

I’m working on a post (or maybe a series of posts) all about what I think prayer is. But first I want to hear what you think about it. Is prayer a part of your life? Do you think it’s silly? Do you consider it something you do for God or for yourself? How often do you pray? Have you seen prayer succeed or fail in your life?

I want to hear from everybody, believers and non-believers of all shapes and sizes alike, so please keep the comments civil and the debate to a minimum. There’s a time and place for that, even elsewhere on this blog, but for now I want everybody to feel free to chime in without fear of getting flamed for their belief.

Here’s looking forward to hearing from you.



4 responses to “What Is Prayer?

  • Don Martin

    I pray on a daily basis and I completely believe in the power of prayer. To me prayer is about more than asking for something but rather more about keeping a connection with God. There’s nothing I can tell God about me that he doesn’t know but he wants that relationship with me, his creation. What a wonderful feeling to know the God of the Universe cares enough about me to want a personal relationship with me.

    Prayer works, it’s as simple as that. I take everything to God in prayer and God is faithful to hear my prayers and work in my life.

  • Dawn-Marie Coggins

    This article really made me think. I do pray regularly, and I know I can pray more. I tell people I pray for them. Usually its a comfort when people tell you that you are praying for them. They know they are being thought of, and that miracles can still happen with God’s hands.

    I sometimes tease my husband in church because he is very shy and I have never heard him say prayer in public. He says it seldomly with our family, but I know he prays when he is alone. Now, to focus on prayer time together is our next goal.

    Being a preachers’ kid hasn’t always been easy, but I know that being close to God is something that I find comfort and joy in. I hope by also praying for others it brings comfort to them as well.

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  • Nancy Wilson

    When someone asks me to pray, I stop everything and do it at that moment. I used to struggle with, “but what’s God’s will? I don’t want to praying against His will.” Then I realized God will do what God will do. It’s my job to ask for the greatest of His promises, and praise Him with whatever answer He chooses to give.

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