The Power of Thank You

Are you good at something?  Maybe you are a great lead pastor, an awesome student pastor, a successful ministry overseer.   Maybe you are a pretty good husband and father or an off the charts wife and mom.   You may be a great athlete, a talented writer, musician, or maybe your creativity wows people.  You may be a pretty good speaker and have the ability to engage audiences.

Everybody has something that they are pretty good at it.  Everybody has some one or several people that have helped them become great at what they do.   Anyone you watch perform, lead, speak, or whatever it may be  that “wows” you, has had individuals or teams that have influenced and pushed them to the top.

I have personally been able to experience success in the areas God has called me to because people have invested in me.  Ministry volunteers have sacrificed time to carry out the vision of the ministries that I lead.  People have helped me be the best that I can be.  Talented speakers have showed the ropes of speaking in front of crowds and taught me the importance of being myself.  Great leaders have given me tips on how to lead, given me books to read, and gracefully corrected me when I lead wrong.

I try often to tell these people thank you.  Thank you for investing in me.  Thank you for giving up time to help me.  Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for challenging me.  Thank you for leading in my absence when I could not lead.

I have noticed that a simple “Thank you”  says a lot to the people that help you everyday.  A thank you encourages people to keep investing in you or the areas that you lead in.  A thank you lets people know that you notice and value what they have contributed to your life.

Take time to thank those that invest in you.  That have made you good, better, and the best at what you are called to do.  Thank your spouse for helping you be a better spouse.  Thank your team for helping you lead effectively.  Thank your mentor for allowing you to watch, learn, and get your feet wet.  Thank your kids for helping you be a good parent.

Don’t forget The Power of Thank You.






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