Live As You Are Called

“Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him…” 1 Corinthians 7:17

The Corinthian church was a mess.  The believers of the church were stuck in a rut of sin.  They were tangled in sexual immorality, split over disagreements with one another, and were misusing their spiritual gifts due to pride.

Not only were they stuck in a rut of sin, they were wanting to and trying to make changes in their lives that God had not called them too.  The Corinthians wanted changes and God wanted them to live out their faith where they were.   Those who were circumcised wanted to be uncircumcised.  Those where uncircumcised wanted to be circumcised.  Those who were slaves wanted to no longer be slaves.   Those who were married to unbelieving spouses wanted out of the marriage

The dilemma Paul deals with in 1 Cor. 7:17-24 looks pretty familiar.  Have you ever wanted out of your job because you wanted a new one?  Have you ever wanted to call it quits in your marriage?  Have you ever reached a point in your life where you just didn’t like where you were in your relationships, finances, or your career?  I think we all have or will reach this point in different areas of our lives.  It’s in these times that Satan can tempt us to seek greener grass. Change is not bad a thing as long as it’s God driven change.

Much like the Corinthian’s, at times were all guilty of using God as an excuse to make changes in our lives.  But the question is, is the change your idea or is it Gods idea?  The Corinthians wanted change, however, Paul encouraged them to live as they were called.  In other words you may be ready to put a certain area of your life on the shelf, call it quits and give up.  But, God may want you to live out your faith right where you are.

You can do Gods work and demonstrate your faith anywhere.   You may be in a marriage with an unbelieving spouse, but, you can still live for Christ in the circumstances.   You may have a job that you want out of, however, God may want to use you right where you are.   Your finances may be in serious trouble and you may be ready to just give up.  But, God can work through you to turn your finances around and use your faith in the circumstances as a testimony to others.

God may want change for you.  Just make sure it’s a God idea and not your idea. Don’t assume you’re in the wrong place, stuck with the wrong person, or trapped.  You may just be where God wants you.

Live as you are called.








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