Bible Reading Plan

“Every growing leader is a reader.”  Nelson Searcy

Last February I listened to a web-inar on developing a personal growth plan, provided by Church Leader Insights with Nelson Searcy. Nelson shared tips on how to read more, what to read, and what not to read.  He also talked about the importance of growing leaders being readers and having a personal reading plan.

Through out 2010 I applied several things from the webinar, I actually read  a lot more, and became much more strategic in what I read.

For any Christian the most important reading plan to have is a Bible reading plan.  God wants you and I to feast on his word daily.  He wants to reveal life changing truths to us, empower us, equip us, and convicts us through his word daily.

Today I took time to lay out a personal bible reading plan for 2011.  If you are anything like me, you may need a vision, a plan, a map of where you are heading.  I know if I don’t have a plan, I get frustrated and stall out.  However, I have also learned in my reading plans I must be sensitive to the Holy Spirits leading and be willing to break from my  plan and read what he is leading me too.  But, a bible reading plan will keep me in position to listen to his leadership in my life.

I took several different 1 – 2 month reading plans from and also plugged some personal ideas into my bible reading plan for 2011.   To learn more about about developing personal growth/reading plans check out

Don’t go into 2011 with out a plan of action.  Be ready, be prepared, have a vision for how you plan to spend time in God’s word daily.

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…” Col. 3:16



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