He Will Be Called… Wonderful Counselor

Part 1 of a 4-week Christmas series on the identity of Christ.

Last Sunday at Oasis Church our lead pastor Todd West kicked off a new sermon series titled “He Will BE Called.”  The title of the series was pulled from Isaiah 9:6.   In our first week of the series Todd delivered (as usual) an engaging and challenging sermon on “Wonderful Counselor.”

Isaiah 9:6 has always been a passage that I have enjoyed quoting, meditating over, and referencing in different circumstances of life.  Since starting the series last week and thinking about the points from Todd’s message, I have gained a deeper appreciation for this passage.

How have I gained a deeper appreciation?

We live in a world where people have different perceptions of who God is and what God is like.   Even many Christians and faithful church attenders have different ideas in their minds of what our creator is like.  Many view God as the “big man upstairs ready to break up the party or waiting for someone to screw up so that he can punish them.” Many believe and live as though God is distant, rigid, and boring.  Even though the majority of Christians would say that God is forgiving, they live and treat others as though God is unforgiving.

Where am I going with this?  Imagine what it would be like if scripture only referred to God as God.  What if scripture didn’t give us any other names to describe the personality and heart of our creator?  What if it is was left up to us to determine what God was like?  It wouldn’t be good!  I mean think about it, scripture is full of names, stories, and word pictures that give us a glimpse into his heart and mind.  Yet, many still distort who God is!

I’m glad I know that my God is a wonderful counselor and that it’s not left up to me to decide who and what he is.  He is a wonderful counselor that I can be brutally honest with.  He is a wonderful counselor that I can listen to through his word, people, and circumstance in my life.  He is a wonderful counselor ready to chip away the mess in my life and produce change that brings honor and glory to him-self.  He is a wonderful counselor.

He is exceptional, distinguished, the one who gives the right advice.

“And he will be called Wonderful Counselor…” Isaiah 9:6



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