P.J.’s 2011 Bible Reading Plan

Last week I wrote a post here at neutralgetsyounowhere about the importance of having a bible reading plan.  After the post last week, I had a couple of friends ask me to post my bible reading for 2011.

Before I share my bible reading plan I want to cover a few things.

1.   The reading plans that have http://www.youversion.com  beside them were taken from and can be found at http://www.youversion.com

2.  I intend to do my bible reading plan in addition to whatever bible study my church or small group may be reading through.  I believe it is very important for one to read and study the material that his or her leaders and pastors have selected to study as a church or small group.

3.  Do not read the bible to get through the bible. Read the bible to get Gods word and truth through you.

4.  If you miss a day, don’t give up! Pick back up with the next days reading or do some overtime and catch up on what you missed the day before.

Below is my plan for 2011.  I hope you find it helpful and motivating.



The Gospels – 30 days  www.youversion.com

February – April

New Testament Epistles & Acts – 85 Days http://www.youversion.com


Psalms – 31 Days http://www.youversion.com

June 1 – July 1

Proverbs – 31 Days http://www.youversion.com

July 2 – August 31

My Utmost for his Highest by Oswald Chambers


Revelation – 22 Days


One-2-One – 25 Days http://www.youversion.com


Thankfulness Readings (I plan to use the index in my bible to find selected studies on thankfulness.)


Re-discovering the Christmas season http://www.youversion.com


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