Confession: Pardon the Interruption

Any one who has been around Lauren and I on more than one occasion has probably noticed that we have a bad habit of interrupting each other.  When one of us attempts to tell a story, the other is almost always guilty of rudely interrupting.  And many times the one being interrupted will ask, “Are you going to let me tell this story?”  It’s actually pretty funny at times.

The truth is, neither of us mean to be rude when we interrupt.  We usually interrupt because we are so excited over what is being said.   We get excited and want to put in our two cents on what the other is trying to communicate.

You know, I think were all guilty of doing the same thing when God is trying to communicate with us.   At least I know I am. Let me explain.  There are many times when God is speaking to me, revealing truth to me, and showing me things I have yet to discover.  Instead of sitting there and soaking up as much truth as I possibly can, I get excited and run off to tell everyone what I just gleaned.  In other words, when God is trying to give me something really good, I get excited and interrupt.

I think we often miss the full context of what God may be saying to us, because we didn’t let him completely finish what he was trying to say.

“…Everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak…”  James 1:19




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