The Super Bowl: A Post for Church Leaders & Members

This afternoon I was thinking about all the preparation that is put into the  Super Bowl experience.  Thousands of people are involved in pulling off this big show and game.  Creative teams plan, graphic designers design, singers rehearse, singers perform, tickets are produced, priced, and bought.  Food is purchased, cooked, and purchased again.  Environments for the game are prepped.  Thousands attend the NFL experience before the game.  Thousands fill the stadium seats.  Millions watch from home, sports bars, and smart phones.  And then there are the two teams that play in the actual game.  They practice, watch film, practice, watch more film, walk the field, and answer questions for reporters all before the actual game.

Lots and I mean lots of time, energy, money, talent, resources, and people pour themselves into making sure the Super Bowl is something worth peoples time.  The NFL does it’s absolute best to make sure that it’s fans get the most out of their Super Bowl experience.

Where am I going with this?  Let me ask you a question. As a church leader, pastor, or member…Are you putting in the time, energy, money, talent, resources, and creative thinking to make sure that your church experience is worth peoples time?   I’m not saying that church should be like the Super Bowl.  I ‘m simply saying that if churches would put half the time into preparation (instead of winging it) like the NFL puts into the Super Bowl then people may not walk away from the church feeling like they wasted an hour of their time.  I also know that most churches do not have millions of dollars at their finger tips.  But we do have the Lord on our side.  And we do have the greatest message ever for mankind.  Salvation. Freedom. Hope. Purpose.

Fortunately many churches are pouring their lives into making sure their services are not a waste of time.  Unfortunately, still, too many churches are unprepared, unorganized, and wing it every Sunday.

I understand that their has to be plenty of room for the Holy Spirit to move and work.  But I also know that God blesses preparation and expectancy.   We should prepare because we expect that God will send people to our churches.  We should prepare because we want to honor God by the way we present the Lord and his church to those who do attend.  We need the Lord to work in our churches and through our churches.  For this to happen, we must prepare, and prepare expectantly.

This weekend hundreds, thousands, millions will attend church for the first time in months, years, or a life time.  Some of them will attend your church. Are you ready for them?  Will what they experience be worth their time?  The NFL is sure going to make sure it’s ready for it’s guests and attendees.  Will you?




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