Achieving Greatness

I think everyone has at least, a little bit of desire within themselves to achieve greatness. The areas in which we dream to achieve greatness are different for all of us.  However, one of the most critical keys to achieving greatness is the same for all of us.

That key is SERVING.

Want to be great?  Serve somebody.

Want to leave a legacy?  Pour yourself into those around you.

Want to really achieve greatness in that certain area of your life?   Stop focusing on you and focus on those God has placed in that area of your life.

Achieving greatness is achieved by serving.  People that leave legacies of greatness are known for looking past themselves and into the lives around them.

Jesus achieved greatness.  Not by proving anything special.  He was and is the son of God.  That was greatness alone.  But when he walked the earth, he served.   He healed people.  He taught people.  He looked people in the eyes and spoke words of truth, love, and conviction.  He showed his disciples how to pray.  He laughed with people.  He cried with people.  Notice the trend?  He was about people.  He served the people.

Want to achieve greatness?  Start by serving.

“..the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve…” Matthew 20:28




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