Leveraging Frustration

Are you frustrated with something in your life?  If not, you soon will be. No one really enjoys frustration.  But everyone has to deal with frustration. Unfortunately too many “give up”  when they experience frustration in an area of their life.  How we view frustration determines how respond to frustration. Frustration isn’t the time to tap out and give up.  I used to think it was.  Wow, I was so wrong.  Frustration is an opportunity to get focused, get better, and fine tune areas of our lives.

I have a student in my youth group that recently accepted a leadership position in the group.  I recognized lots potential in this particular student and decided it was time to challenge him a littler bit more with an opportunity to be a leader in the group.  I also knew this would present frustrating circumstances for him personally. And it did. The first night he lead his small group, things did not go as smooth as he would have liked.  He approached me at church a few days later and told me he no longer wanted to be a small group leader. He was frustrated.  He was ready to quit.  I saw an opportunity. I was ready to leverage frustration to our advantage.

I took the opportunity to teach him some lessons on leadership.  I encouraged him. Constructively critiqued him.  Encouraged him some more.  Guess what?  He still wants to lead.  And he the next time he does, he will be just a little bit better.  Eventually he will run into more frustration.  Maybe next time he won’t be so eager to call it quits.  Instead step away from the paint and look at the progress.

Don’t give up when frustration shows it’s face.  God uses frustration in our lives to get our attention.  To get us focused on things that need tuning. See your frustration as an opportunity to grow, learn, and discover more of Gods big plan for your life.  As Billy Hybels says, consider frustration a “Holy Discontent.”

Anyone and everyone who made a difference for the Kingdom of God in the scriptures were spurred on by frustration.  The prophets spoke out of frustration over a sinful and rebellious people.  David took on Goliath because he was frustrated with Goliaths insults and the peoples lack of faith in a mighty God.   Jesus threw tables over in the temple because he was frustrated with what people were using the temple for.  Paul wrote his letters to the Corinthian church because he was frustrated with their behavior and realized they needed his attention, correction, and wisdom.  Jesus gave John the seven letters to the seven churches because he was frustrated with some their shortcomings.

Always remember the things that are going well.  Focus on what needs to get better.  Remember more of the good. Leverage frustration to your advantage. Satan wants to leverage to his advantage to decrease your potential. God wants to leverage to yours and his advantage to make you better.  To move you to new heights.

Don’t tap out.  Changer your perspective. Get better. Keep your expectations realistic.  Remember how faithful the Lord is.  Remember his hand is on you.  Leverage your frustration.




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