Bible Study Breakthroughs

Hopefully if you are follower of Jesus Christ you are carving out time from your busy schedule to dive into his word daily.  This time is often known as a bible study, devotion, quiet time, or private worship to name a few. No matter what you call it, I hope are making it a practice in your life.  Anyways, to the point.

Do you ever get stuck in a rut in your personal bible study time?

By “rut” I mean several things.  Maybe your in a rut of not consistently having this time in your life.  Maybe you have your bible study daily, but when you do, God seems distant.  Maybe God doesn’t feel distant, but quiet.  There are a number of things that can cause you and I to fall into private worship ruts.  I personally, often, go in and out of ruts

The past couple of weeks my quiet times have been good, steady, daily, consistent.  The Lord has felt close.  But in all honesty the Lord has seemed quiet.  When the Lord is quiet, I struggle.  I want to hear him.  I want the revelation.  But sometimes he is quiet.  Today the quietness broke.  I had a bible study breakthrough.  I felt myself break out of that quiet rut.

The truth is, we are all going to find ourselves in ruts in this area of our walk with God.  We must continue fighting for our faith during this time.  So what are some keys to bible study break throughs?

1. When you don’t want it is when you need it

Seriously. When you don’t feel like reading your bible is when you need to read it the most. We all too often give into our lack of drive to read the word.  It’s in these times that we need to gear up and jump into the word.  It’s in the times you don’t feel like reading the word that the Lord probably has something good waiting for you.  Go and get it.

2. Keep it fresh

Try reading a different bible translation.  Find a different bible study spot.  Try a different time of the day.  Journal more.  Journal less.  Highlight, underline, circle, meditate.  Break from the usual and keep your bible study time fresh.  Sometimes what worked  for a season in your bible study can put you into a rut.  When you recognize this…mix it up and keep it fresh.

3. Confess the crud

Unconfessed sin can cause congestion in your relationship with the Lord.  Your not hiding anything from him.  He already knows.  Your heavenly father is waiting for you to humbly confess your sin to him and repent.  Confess, repent, and press on.  Don’t let unconfessed sin keep you in a rut.

4. Have a plan

Absence of vision equals lack of direction.  When you lack direction you will find your self stuck.  Have a plan.  A plan will keep you on track.  A plan will help you know where you are heading in your bible study.  For bible reading plans check out

5. Eliminate the Distractions

Distractions.  If you let them, they will always be around.  Jesus removed himself from the crowds and found some alone time.  Eliminate the things that are going to fight for your attention.  This could be your phone, television, spouse, kids, coworkers, and many other things.  Discern what the distractions are for you. Find a place and time where you can get some quality you and God time.

6.  Give Yourself Some Grace

A lot of times our own self condemnation can place us in a rut.  When your in a rut, miss a quiet time, or find your self struggling to hear God, extend some grace to your self.  Your still a child of God.  He still has plan for you.  He still has a word for you.  You are going to miss some bible studies.  You are going to get in a rut.  You are going to need a break through.  Give yourself some grace.

Obviously there are many keys that can help you and I climb out of our quiet time ruts.  But those are the 6 things that have really helped me get the bible study break throughs I’ve needed.

“Draw near to God and he will draw near to you…” James 4:8 ESV




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