Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

For the past 2 months our church staff at Oasis has been making preparations for Friend Day.  Friend day is one of our biggest days of the year.  Friend day is this Sunday!  Many guests will attend our church on Friend day.  Some of these guests have not been to church in weeks, months, years, or even their entire life.  Why will they attend?  Someone took the opportunity to invite them.

For the past two weeks I have been cranking up my invite others to church “temperature.”  I have invited total strangers and left invite cards almost everywhere I have gone.  But I’m going to be honest. I have been under lots of conviction as I have been inviting. Why?  As I have been inviting I’ve been convicted about how I wait until big days like Friend day to go over the top with inviting others to church.

How many inviting opportunities do I miss each week due to lack of motivation?

Friend Day motivates me to invite.  But Jesus Christ has given me an abundant life and the forgiveness of my sins.  My church is a place where people can find this same life Jesus Christ offers.  Shouldn’t those two things alone be enough to keep me motivated each week?  They should!

How many opportunities do you and I miss every day to invite others to church? Due to lack of motivation, fear, or just being to caught up in ourselves to recognize the opportunity when it’s waving at us.

Don’t miss your opportunity to invite.  There is power in a simple invitation.

The Lord wants to use you.

He wants to work through you.

He wants to draw people to himself through you.

He will give you the words and the courage.  You just have to be willing.

The opportunities are all around you.  Don’t miss your opportunity.





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