I’m not a big fan of hummus.  Just the other day I was eating lunch with several people at work.  My friend had hummus with her.  I noticed this hummus looked different than the hummus she normally makes.  I asked her what was different about it.  It was store bought.  I decided to try it.  There was something different about this hummus.  It was AWESOME!  I kept eating it.  So, she dared me to write my next blog post about hummus.

“How can I write about hummus?” I thought to myself.  Well, it finally came to me.

I’m not typically a big fan of hummus.  But my friend is and so are other people I know.

I think the same truth applies to different styles of church.

I do not share a taste for more traditional churches.  But many people do.  Some traditional churches are reaching a certain group of people.  On the other side of that, there are many people that a traditional church may never reach.

I have a strong taste for  a more progressive flavor of church.  Churches that are willing to push the envelope in creativity to reach those who do not know Jesus Christ.  However there are people in the world that will not enjoy my flavor preference of church.

Some people prefer a more edge style of worship.  Some people want hymns.  Some people like pastors that teach through whole books of the bible.  While others would rather have a pastor teach a piece of scripture.  I could keep making a list of preferences that Christians have when it comes to styles of church.  Church music.  Church leadership structures.  The preaching of the word.

The point is, there are different flavors of church.  And guess what?  God is a God of variety.  Just take a look around you.  There is variety all around you!  While the principals and truths through out scripture remain the same.  There is variety in the Lords church.

As Steven Furtick would say “Don’t be a Hater.”  Just jump in and serve passionately in and through the part of the Body of Christ that you are lead too.  Don’t tear down the parts that you don’t prefer.  But prayerfully build them up.

Every part of the body is valuable!

Other flavors of church are essential!

Hold fast to the truth.  But allow others to enjoy their favorite flavor.






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