Give It Away

“And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” Ephesians 4:11-12

There are many parts I enjoy about working in the ministry. But I enjoy it the most when I get to Give It Away.

Four years ago last month the Lord used a few youth workers including myself to start a student ministry at Oasis Church.  I mean literally start a ministry.  Oasis Church had been in existence for three to four years but didn’t have a student ministry.  And when we prepared to launch OSM (Oasis Student Ministries) we didn’t even have a single teenager to start with.  But that’s a whole other story of God’s power and faithfulness.  From the time we started OSM, I have tried my best to equip others for the work of the ministry. I have failed a lot along the way. But if your going to succeed, go ahead and plan on failing.

Last weekend OSM gathered for what we call Fully Loaded Weekend.  Fully Loaded Weekend is 24 hours packed with worship, preaching, small group discussion, lots of food, games, and hanging out with one another.  It’s one of our biggest events of the year.

A lot of praying, planning, promoting, and more praying are put into FLW.  When the weekend finally arrives the youth workers of Oasis Church give 24 hours of their weekend to an event that will change the lives of students.  And these youth workers work hard.

This FLW was a milestone in my ministry.  For much of the weekend I was able to sit back and watch most of the activities go down.  I watched youth workers pour their lives into students.  Youth workers prepared teams to prepare meals for the weekend.  Youth workers planned and executed games, activities, and a service project that helped students build relationships.  Other youth workers lead students in small group discussion.  The point is the youth workers of Oasis Church devoted themselves to making Fully Loaded Weekend 2011 a big WIN!

Why and How? Because the ministry has been given away! And those who have been equipped are now equipping others! People and students are owning and embracing the importance of their role in the over all success of the ministry.

The work of the ministry becomes much more effective when it is GIVEN AWAY!

Those of you who oversee others, demonstrate and delegate.  Help the key people on your team to demonstrate and delegate.  You are not called to keep the ministry to yourself.  You are called to equip and to Give It Away.

“Give up to go up.” John Maxwell






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