More Than Enough?

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

If everything in your life was stripped away from you…would your relationship with God by grace through faith in Christ be more than enough?

This is a question that the Lord has been challenging me to look at closely for the past several months.  It’s a brutal question to answer.  I mean, he should be more than enough for me, and scripture says that he is more than enough.  But do I really believe that? On a deeper level, do I really live like it?

What about you? Do you believe it?  Do you live like it?  Is he more than enough for you?

The other night Lauren and I were taking some time to pray with one another.  I began to pray for the people in Japan.  For the Japanese everything normal has been removed.  All of the things we place so much value and certainty on were shaken by the earthquake and swept away by the tsunami like toys in a bath tub.  While I prayed for the people in Japan I wondered, “if this happened to me, would my foundation with the Lord be firm enough? Is my relationship with him deep enough to sustain me in such times?  Or are such times necessary to develop depth? I hope so and yes. Take a look at Psalm 66:1-12.

We live in an uncertain world.  Yet we are all guilty of placing our hope and trust in uncertain things. Like what?  Cars, people, jobs, money, homes, retirement accounts, and other material possessions to name a few. None of these are really wrong to have or desire (unless they take priority over God).   I just think it’s easy to say and believe that Jesus Christ is more than enough, that his grace is sufficient in our lives when everything is going smooth, and is in it’s proper place.

But if all the possessions and comfort were ripped away (like it has been for many in Japan) would you still believe and live like Jesus Christ was more than enough?  Would you still believe and live as though the words of Psalm 23 were full of truth, hope and life?

I’m not trying to spread gloom.  I just think we must remember that the only thing certain in an uncertain world is God.  He reigns forever and ever. He is the only constant in a constantly changing world. Heaven is his throne and earth is his footstool.

Do you believe and live as though he is more than enough?






One response to “More Than Enough?

  • April

    I just have to point out that, as I was reading this, I thought, oh, yeah, I’d be good if that happened to me, b/c it would have happened to everyone else, too. But what if it didn’t? What if life went on as normal for everyone else but I faced horrific tragedy? Would He be enough then? I think that we often think we have “enough” or have sufficient grace because we look at others and think we’re on a level playing field (or better off). But comparison kills authenticity and it hinders our relationship with Christ because we start to compare our lives to others’, not to what His plan for us. And not just when we compare and are not satisfied, which is obvious. It hinders His work in our lives even when we compare and do find ourselves happy with our lot. Don’t compare!!

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