More Than One Coat

Have you ever painted something that needed more than one coat of paint?

Lauren (my wife) has always wanted a house with a red door and red shudders.   Several days ago we went shopping for red paint.  This past Sunday afternoon Lauren spent a few hours priming the door, shudders, and applying a fresh coat of red paint.  After the project was complete, Lauren didn’t exactly like the shade of red she had selected.  She disliked the color so much that she bought a new shade of red.  Guess what?  She spent another 3 hours priming and painting.  And yes she likes the new shade much better and is much more pleased with result.

Where am I going with this?

There are going to be many areas in our lives that are going to require more than one coat of paint. We all have dreams, goals, and vision of where we want to be and how we want our lives to turn out.  On another level, God has a purpose for your life.  He has a destiny he wants you to reach.  He has goals for you to accomplish.  He has a vision of what you can become for him and through him.   But along the way things will not turn out the way we had hoped or imagined.

If you and I are going to succeed, reach goals, and live the life God has called us too, we are going to fail.  People are going to let us down.  Circumstances are going to change beyond our control.  That doesn’t mean you should quit.

It does mean that you may need to apply another coat of paint if you are going to get the desired out come. Ask God for wisdom, direction, strength, and then move forward.

God has a perfect plan and a perfect vision for your life.  But you are not perfect and God knows that.   His grace gives you the freedom and creativity to try another coat of paint.

So do it!  Don’t become paralyzed by the coat that didn’t turn out well in your life, family, or work place.  Keep on trying!  After all, it’s gonna take more than one coat.





One response to “More Than One Coat

  • Mike Waddell

    PJ, during my prayer and meditation time this morning, I was thinking along these same lines before I read this post. I thought about how imperfect our judgement and decisions are compared to God’s. Many times our yea is wrong and many times our nay is wrong. God however has a perfect score. The best we can do is, as you say, pray for wisdom and move forward.
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

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