“I Will Not Lie”

“…it takes a great deal of courage to face life’s ordinary, everyday challenges.” Bill Hybles

Last week Lauren and I started watching the television show “Friday Night Lights.”   Pretty cool show.  Through out the episodes of season 1 that we have watched so far, we have seen the head coach (Coach Taylor) deal with the pressure of being a head coach for an elite high school football program in fictional Dillon, Texas.   Long story short, coach Taylor is placed in a position where he is expected to lie about the recruitment of a player on his team, that he did not really want on the team to begin with.  As coach Taylor is walking into this critical meeting, he courageously stops and tells the man with him “I will not lie!”

For six episodes we watched this head coach struggle with the pressure of fans, players, and high school football politics.  All of a sudden, in that moment, coach Taylor had backbone.  He was ready to stand up for the truth.  Even if it did cost his team a win, a talented player, and possibly stain his reputation.  Ok, I know what you are thinking,”Dude, it’s just a TV show.”  You’re right; it’s just a TV show.  But the point is in a moment where it would have been easier to compromise; coach Taylor took the more difficult path and chose to do the right thing.

You and I live in a world where courage, truth, honor, integrity, and other virtues are spoken of highly.  The problem is, speaking of these virtues, and actually living them out are two different things.

We are placed in situations each and every day where we can exchange courage, truth, and honor for the world’s standards.   We can just go with the flow.

But Christ has not called you to just go with the flow.  He has called you to live differently than the rest of the world.  He has called to live not of the world.  He called you to live as a child of God.  Being a child of God is a privilege and a responsibility.

This will not always be easy.  Christ lived this out perfectly and he was nailed to a cross.  If you are going to live the kind of life and have the character God expects you to have, you will be ridiculed.

That’s ok.  You have not been called to live a life pleasing to others.  You have been called to live a life pleasing to God.

So, like coach Taylor, have the courage to choose truth.  Live honorably.  Live with integrity.

As Bill Hybles says “Choose consistency, resist compromise.”




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