Can You Carry The Mail?

Tychicus will tell you all about my activities.  He is a beloved brother and faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord.” Colossians 4:7

Have you ever thought about those in scripture who were in charge of making sure the letters of the New Testament reached their intended destination?  Because these biblical mail carriers are mentioned briefly, it’s easy for us to skim over their names, and move on to the meat and potatoes.  However, these people that carried the letters must have had great character.  They had to possess character qualities that proved they would make sure these vital messages reached the congregations that we now read about in the New Testament.

What about you?  Can you carry the mail?

This is a question about your character.  At each stage of our lives, we are entrusted with a level of responsibility.  Do you possess the character qualities in your life that cause others to say, “I can trust, depend, and count on that person to get the job done well.” Would your kids say that about you as a parent?  Would your boss say that about you?  Would your co-workers say that about you?  Would your friends say that about you? Would your church leaders say that about you?

According to Paul, Tychicus possessed three qualities that caused him to send his message to the Colossian church through Tychicus.  We should probably take note of these traits.

  • Tychicus was a real friend (beloved brother) – Would the people in your life consider you to be a real friend?  If not, work on it.  Friendliness goes a long way in your relationships.  Listen to others.  Encourage others. Be generous.
  • Tychicus was consistent (faithful minister) – One of the best things a person can say about you is that you are always you no matter who is around.  That they can always count on getting the real you.  The Lord is faithful.  He is consistent. We are to strive to be like him.  So, be faithful and choose consistency in your life.
  • Tychicus was servant minded (fellow servant) – God honors those with a servant’s heart.  Those who serve eagerly and joyfully stand out among the rest of the crowd.  Those who serve the Lord and others are elevated to places of great influence and responsibility.

So, Can You Carry The Mail?



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