The In-Between

The Good StuffThe word “evangelist” has taken a bad rap. It conjures images of sweating, screaming, larger-than-life television personalities promising answered prayers for the price of a donation. Or, no better, Bible-thumping, holier-than-thou, do-good-niks preaching the gospel of judgment and condemnation. That’s too bad, because really, “evangelist” just means someone who shares good news.

We’re all evangelists, every time we recommend a restaurant or invite our friends and family to share the joy of a wedding or graduation or birth of a child. Christians, in other words, haven’t got an exclusive on evangelism, though we do have the greatest news of all to share with our fellow man: God’s love.

I just love that God chose the relationships as the medium by which to spread his message of salvation. In his infinite power, he could’ve easily made himself known to the world in any number of ways. Visions. Talking animals. Sacred texts. Anything. But he chose us as his messengers. (Even when he did give us a sacred text – the Bible – he made it so we learn to interpret it from one another. Brilliant!)

The next time an opportunity arises to share your faith, remember that God designed us as conduits of His love. The spark that occurs between two people is nothing short of divine. I’m not talking about romantic sparks here, just the joy that comes from interacting with others. We’re social beings, we humans, and thank God for that. It’s the in-between that matters, so make the most of it.


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