A Spontaneous Movement

PJ and I have mentioned before our affiliation with Oasis Church in Maumelle/North Little Rock, AR (he’s the church’s student and small group pastor, I’m a member), but I’ve never been as proud or excited of that relationship as I am now.

For the past several weeks, Oasis Church has been experiencing a real and spontaneous movement of God’s Holy Spirit. We had more baptisms on April 3 than we’ve had in the past year (maybe more). We’ve seen families join the church, recommit their lives to Christ, and join in prayer at the altar with a degree of passion and excitement to which I’ve never been witness. Then yesterday, things reached a new high.

In the first of two services, the electricity went out in the sanctuary following the (awesome) worship set. “It’s all good,” came Pastor Todd West’s voice from the darkened stage, “we’ve done this before.” And so he continued with his full sermon, lit only by a sliver of daylight coming through the opened exit door. Then, when he finished, the tide begun to surge. Throughout an extended invitation, people came to the stage in pairs and groups to confess their struggles and pray with one another in the dark. Despite the power outage, things were electric. Our service host put it well after the invitation’s eventual close: sometimes God has a way of helping us ignore everything but what really matters.

The excitement still wasn’t over, though.

The power came on – in more ways than one – in time for the second service. Not only were the lights and sound amped to their appropriate levels, but the presence of the Spirit had redoubled, as well. For almost an hour-and-a-half (!!!) following Todd’s sermon, people crowded the stage, confessing sins; praying over one another; and asking for God’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. To hear the service described by people who were there, it was undeniably a movement of God. Facebook was alight for the rest of the day with church-members’ accounts of the unforgettable morning.

What makes all this even more exciting is that this gathering storm of the Spirit hasn’t been contained to just Oasis. All over Central Arkansas, churches are reporting similar occurrences. Summit Church, also in North Little Rock, has been meeting nightly for the last couple of weeks to accommodate the droves of members and guests led to come pray and heal.

As we look forward to Good Friday and then Easter later this week, I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about God’s love, grace, and miraculous, living work. If anybody out there reading this wants to know more about Christ, is experiencing hurt for which there doesn’t seem to be a cure, or just wants someplace to go on Easter morning, consider this your invitation to  join us at Oasis. Service times and directions are on the church website. And I guarantee: God will be present, alive and working in our church on Sunday morning.

Cheers, and God bless,

P.S. You can read Lead Pastor Todd West’s account of yesterday’s services – and the growing excitement at Oasis – on his blog.


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