RADICAL (Ehud: You’re Gifted)

“Again the Israelites cried out to the LORD, and he gave them a deliverer—Ehud, a left-handed man…” Judges 3:15a ESV

Before I jump in, let me just bring attention to our 100th post here at NGYNW.  We are excited to celebrate our 100th blog post!  Thank you for taking time to read and comment on our posts here at NGYNW.  Your visits to our blog keep Derek and I motivated to write and share our thoughts with you.  Thanks, again!

Today I am closing a series of posts on Ehud.  Let’s review what Ehud was all about.


  • Second judge of Israel
  • Man of action, a brave leader
  • A deliverer that foreshadowed The Deliverer, Jesus Christ
  • A obstacle remover
  • A obedient, godly, generation changer
  • A left handed leader

Let’s finish up this series taking a look at Ehud’s left-handedness.  In our culture today, we tend to make jokes about left-handed people. However, being left handed in Ehud’s day was considered an exceptional ability. Many Benjaminites were left handed (take a look at Judges 20:16), this made them very special troops, that were able to use a sling or bow in a way that would repel right-handed warriors.

I love that God chose to share with us, through the writer of Judges, that Ehud was left-handed.  God shows us that Ehud had God given ability and that He is eager to use us just the way he made us.  God gave Ehud a gift, a unique ability, that he knew would be vital in order for him to accomplish his purposes through Ehud!

Just like Ehud, God has gifted you with special, God given ability!  You’re gifted!

Ehud was left-handed.  But, you may be an excellent photographer.  You may be a gifted public speaker.  An insightful writer.  A phenomenal instrumentalist.  You might have the unique ability to lead others. You might be a tender and wise counselor.  You might have the ability to do graphic design.  Maybe you are a godly stay at home mom.  You might have the gift of encouraging everyone around you.  You might have an incredible ability to work with numbers and do math.

I’m not sure what you’re God given gift is.  You have to discover and discern what that may be. But my point is, You are Gifted!

God has wired you with ability, a gift, and a talent, to use for his purposes and for his glory.  Everyone is gifted.  There is not a single person on the face of the earth that God has not given a special, unique ability too.  The difference is some people channel their gifts in the wrong directions.  While others use their gifts for the kingdom of God.

Ehud used his gifts to serve God’s purposes in his generation.  He could have chose to use them for his own benefit.  Instead he chose to channel them in a direction that changed a generation.

God has gifted you! You have unique ability!  You have talent! You’re gifted! 

Discover it.  Practice it.  Use it for His Glory and His Honor.

“Do not neglect your gift…” 1 Tim 4:16 NIV



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