Learn To Unlearn

“We are born with two fears: fear of loud noises and fear of falling.  All of our other fears are learned.  If we can learn them, then we can unlearn them.”  Craig Groeschel

This is a challenging topic and thought line that I am attempting to write about here, so try and stick with me.  This week I have been preparing to deliver the message in one of our services at Oasis Church.  I’m going to be speaking on chasing down our fears in life that keep us from reaching the potential God has placed within us and arriving at the destinations God has called us too.   Through my research I heard Craig Groeschel share the thought I have quoted above.  Even though I came across these words while preparing to speak about fear, the thought of unlearning certain things in my life really forced me to look within.

Think about this with me for a second.  How many things do we say, not say, do, not do, feel, or not feel, all because we have just assumed that is just the way we are? I think there are things in our lives that may not actually be wrong in and of themselves but may be keeping us from experiencing the life God desires for us.

For example, you may not meet many new people or make new friends because you are a loner.  But are you really a loner, or do you choose to be?  Some where along the way you learned to be a loner and now you use that as a crutch for meeting new people and making new friends.  In turn this keeps you from building the community God has hard wired you to need.  How different would your life look if you unlearned being a loner?

Maybe you have been labeled a control freak.  You have probably been labeled a control freak because you want everyone to do everything your way or no way at all.  But are you really a control freak?  Somewhere along the way you developed a habit of controlling and your mind learned to function that way.  How different could your life and relationships be if you reprogrammed yourself to be less controlling and allowed others the freedom to do things different than you?

I think we go through life making excuses like “God just made me this way” or “I have always been like this, always have, always will be” or “I’ve just always gotten what I wanted when I want it, so I will continue to get what I want, when I want.”  And because many of us believe these things, we convince ourselves that we are just stuck this way forever.  When the truth is at some point in your life you developed a habit, a cycle began, you learned something, and then just accepted that you have to live this way or that way.

If we take a long hard look in the mirror, humble ourselves before the Lord, and ask him to show us what it is in our lives that needs to be unlearned or reprogrammed we would be blown away at what we accept as normal.

What’s in your life that needs to be unlearned?  What do you need to reprogram?  Where does your thinking and living need to shift so that you can experience more of the abundant living, healing, hope, and purpose that God has prepared for you?



2 responses to “Learn To Unlearn

  • April

    Great post, PJ! Makes me look forward to Sunday’s sermon. I use that quote all the time but I never knew it was Craig Groeschell’s.

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    […] If you believe God made the entire universe, breathed life into man, and loves his children, you should also be able to accept that he can help you – his own creation – break a bad habit, change your mind, or empower you to learn something new (or unlearn something old). […]

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