Uncommon: Face-To-Face

“When there is a prophet among you, 
   I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, 
   I speak to them in dreams. 
But this is not true of my servant Moses; 
   he is faithful in all my house. 
With him I speak face to face
   clearly and not in riddles; 
   he sees the form of the LORD. 
Why then were you not afraid 
   to speak against my servant Moses?”  (Numbers 12:6-8 NIV)

I have to be honest with you.  When I read that Moses experienced a face to face relationship with God I start to feel a little bit envious.  As did Miriam and Aaron according to Numbers 12:1-2.  As we read further into this passage we see that Miriam and Aaron’s envy led them down a destructive path that stirred the righteous anger of the Lord.  So, instead of dwelling and becoming envious of Moses’s face to face relationship with God, it would probably be better if  we learned a thing or two from Moses.  After all Moses experienced a relationship with God that went far beyond the surface.

Have you ever been around another believer and just by being around them you sensed that they had a strong connection with the Lord?  I know I have.  I have been around several people like this.  In fact these people have such a strong connection with the Lord that you enjoy being around them and soaking up every little bit of what they have to say.  I would say that these people, like Moses, experience a “face to face” relationship with God.  Not literally…but literally.  They experience a deep, rich, exciting, freedom filled relationship with their creator and king.

Like Moses, these people have one thing in common.  Humility.

A deeper, more rewarding, more satisfying, more exhilarating relationship with God begins with humility.

The Lord looks to those who are humble.  The Lord is eager to work through those who are humble.  The Lord is ready to honor those who are humble.  The Lord extends grace to the humble.  The Lord gives favor to the humble.  The Lord lifts up and repositions those who are humble.

Why is humility the key?

The humble don’t want to share credit with God.  They want God to receive all of the credit.  

Take a look around you.  The people that are raising generation changing kids…the people God’s using to lead churches that are really making a difference…the people that are leaving a positive mark on the lives of others…The people that make a difference in and on everything they touch…The people that give generously…They have one thing in common…Humility.

A God honoring life is a result of a Face to Face relationship with God.  A Face to Face relationship with God is the result of humility.

Don’t misunderstand me.  The humble do experience dry seasons in their relationship with God.  The humble doubt, fear, struggle, and at times want to quit.  We even see this in the life of Moses.  But through the smooth times and rough, the humble draw near to God, recognize their need for him, and are moved by his word (Isaiah 66:2).

As we will see in the post’s to come, not only is humility the key to a face to face relationship with God.  It’s the starting point to receiving vision, clarity, and strength as your relationship with God deepens.

Because of his faithfulness to the Lord and humility, Moses spoke with the Lord face-to-face.

What could our lives look like if we consistently practiced a face-to-face relationship with God?



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