Uncommon: Clarity

“When there is a prophet among you, 
   I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, 
   I speak to them in dreams. 
But this is not true of my servant Moses; 
   he is faithful in all my house. 
With him I speak face to face, 
   clearly and not in riddles; 
   he sees the form of the LORD. 
Why then were you not afraid 
   to speak against my servant Moses?”  (Numbers 12:6-8 NIV)

Last fall I read a bible study that focused on the topics of faith and clarity.  The author wrote about how we pray for clarity, but that God has not called us to live with clarity but by faith. He went on to say that instead of praying for clarity we should pray for faith.  I have never forgotten about that one particular devotion.  Why?  Mainly because I agree and disagree with what the writer says.

I do believe and understand that God has called us to live and walk by faith (Hebrews 11:6).  However, I also believe when we truly live with uncommon humility we can receive uncommon clarity.   

Moses lived faithfully for the Lord and walked humbly before Him.  The Lord spoke in Numbers 12 “I speak clearly and not in riddles” to Moses.   This leads me to believe that when you and I do live a life of faith and as we trust and follow the Lord that he draws near to us. Through that we are able to receive clarity in our lives from Him.

As our relationship with the Lord deepens there will be clarity in our lives.  But with clarity there will always come an element of uncertainty.  

When you and I receive the clarity, we must then pray for the faith to walk through the uncertainty of the clarity that we have received.  Confusing.  Allow me to break this thing down.

Many people receive clarity that they are supposed to have kids.  But where is the money going to come from to have and raise the kids?

Many men and women receive clarity to be part of launching a new church.  But where will the church meet and will anyone show up?

Some receive clarity to find a new job.  But where will the new job land them?

Where there is clarity there will also be uncertainty.

Where we pray for clarity we must also be ready to pray for the faith to walk in the uncertainty. 

Paul mentions this in Acts 20:22 “I am going to Jerusalem constrained by the Spirit, not knowing what will happen to me there” Notice Paul’s words “I am going…not knowing…” Paul had clarity.  He knew exactly where he was supposed to go.   But there was uncertainty in that he did not know what would happen when he got there!  Where the Lord gives us clarity, he leaves space where it is necessary for you and I to activate our faith!

The Lord spoke to Moses clearly and not in riddles.  In other words, Moses received uncommon clarity from the Lord.  But if you read further into the story of Moses that is woven into the pages of the Old Testament it’s easy to see that there were lots of moments of uncertainty where Moses had to exercise his faith in God.

Humble yourself before the Lord, draw near to him, feel free to pray for clarity, but be willing to pray for the faith that will be necessary to walk through the uncertainty.



2 responses to “Uncommon: Clarity

  • Mike Waddell

    Very good P.J.! I believe that faith produces vision for where God wants us to go and He gives us clarity for the next step towards that vision. You are correct that we we have to exercise faith to take each step towards that vision.

    Thank you for your insight.

  • pjnoland

    Thanks, Mike! We appreciate you stopping by our blog and sharing your thoughts with us.

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