Chasing Cars

What happens next?

“What happens when the dog finally catches the car?” It’s a question we should ask when we catch ourselves wanting more than we already have.

I’ve prayed for a lot in my life: more money, new houses and TVs, new jobs and promotions, opportunities to see the world, healing when I was sick, happiness when I felt defeated, and more. Most of the time, I convince myself I deserve the objects of my prayers because I work hard or “do the right thing” (whatever that is), or because I haven’t done anything not to earn it. As if anyone who keeps their head down and puts in their time automatically qualifies for an easy life.

What really qualifies us, though, in God’s eyes, for health, wealth, and happiness, isn’t tenure or good behavior. It’s a plan to use those things for his glory.

Ask yourself:

Why should God make you rich? What’s your plan for using that money? Will it glorify him? Or do you just want the freedom to buy what you want when you want it?

Why should God help you pass that test? Do you have a plan to use your education in a way that honors God? Or are you just tired of school?

Why should God bring you a husband or wife? What’s your plan to maintain a Godly relationship with your spouse? Will your family honor the Lord? Or are you just lonely?

Why should God heal you? Will you use your health to spread his Word to others? Or do you just want to enjoy a pain-free retirement in southern Florida?

On our knees in prayer, we often resemble dogs chasing cars. Giving our all, chasing wildly after dreams with no idea what we’d do if they came true.

I believe wholeheartedly in God’s ability to work mightily on our behalf. So I say dream big. Dream big, and plan diligently.


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