Back From Smithville

This week I was blessed with the opportunity to speak at a youth summer camp in Smithville, Arkansas.  There were about 250 students and 50 adults at the camp.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to deliver God’s word to this group of youth and youth workers.  I was not exactly thrilled on Monday afternoon while I was driving to the camp.  I am used to traveling with my wife or at least some one I am close too.  Not this week!  I was flying solo!  But God did some pretty cool things.

  • Zeb Balentine was the worship leader I got to work with at camp.  Zeb and I went to college together, but we haven’t talked much since graduating.  It was good to catch up and watch how the Lord is working in our lives. 
  • I asked God to draw 10 students to himself and give them the gift of salvation through his son Jesus Christ.  13 students accepted Christ at camp.  God answers prayers!
  • Many students filled the altar for prayer at the end of our sessions each night.  I love to see students in the altar, praying and wrestling with the word God is speaking into their lives.
  • I was able to meet some new people.  Always a good thing to meet new people and encourage others in their ministries.  I was blessed with the chance to encourage several student pastors to keep on loving their students and pointing them to Christ.
  • My eyes were opened even wider to how AWESOME our students and youth workers are at Oasis Church.  Don’t get me wrong…I never fail to appreciate our students and youth workers.  But God used this camp to deepen my appreciation. 
It’s a blessing to a play a role in the kingdom of God.  Six years ago this month I felt the Lord calling me to preach.  Six years later I had the opportunity to preach at a youth camp.  So awesome to watch God unfold his vision for my life over time. I am thankful.

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