“I Got A Hero Card!”

“I got a hero card at work today!” were the words that came out of Lauren’s mouth a couple of weeks ago when she arrived home from work.  Not sure what a hero card was, I replied, “That’s awesome! What’s a hero card?”  

Before I explain what a hero card is, let me explain the role in which Lauren works.  Lauren works at a behavior center for troubled youth here in Central Arkansas.  She works as a mental health para professional.  Which means she spends lot’s of time talking with youth about issues in their lives, taking field trips with them, eating meals with them, and even breaking up pretty serious conflict at times.  There is a lot more to what Lauren does at work.  But in a nutshell, that is what she does.

A hero card is given to employees once a month, which have gone above and beyond at the center where Lauren works.  In other words the employees that spend a lot of time with students helping them process their circumstances and paying close attention to detail in the lives of the youth are given a hero card.

After Lauren explained to me what a hero card was and why she received it, I was very excited for her!

Why?  Because Lauren was rewarded for her diligence and commitment to helping the youth at her job.

I think our Heavenly Father is eager to reward us with “Hero Cards” each and every day of our lives.  As we obediently follow Jesus Christ and allow the power of the Holy Spirit to flow through our lives, we draw near to God.  When we draw near to God we can’t help but to become passionate about the things he is passionate about.  Desire the things he desires.  Love the things he loves.  Burdened for the world the way he is burdened for the world.

When we get lost in God’s passion we will naturally find ourselves walking in the Lord’s will.

When we walk in the Lord’s will we will be rewarded.  

In different way’s, every day, our Heavenly Father is rewarding those who walk in his will with their very own hero card. 

“…he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” Hebrews 11:6



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