One step in the wrong direction is all it takes to ruin a marriage, a business venture, a ministry, or even a life.

On the flipside, it only takes one step to begin the climb out of the depths of despair, loneliness, and depression.

Both sin and obedience function a lot like escalators. We take one small, insignificant step and suddenly find ourselves far from where we began.

Regarding sin, it’s the Enemy – by way of the world – that does our work for us, so to speak. Constantly on the lookout for cracks in our foundation, the devil knows if he can just get our toe across the line that we’ll be easy prey. Once we’re on the escalator, we don’t even notice we’re moving. Once we justify our initial sin it gets easier and easier to transgress again. The world whispers to us that it’s not worth the effort, and impossible anyway, to climb back up, against the flow. But it is, both possible and worth it.

At the other end of the spectrum, we look from our broken circumstances to the elevated platform above and think we’ll never make it. It’s too steep a climb. But all it takes is giving in to the gentle nudge of God’s grace to start our ascent.

We titled this blog Neutral Gets You Nowhere because we believe wholeheartedly that life should be lived in motion. There is no treading water. Swim or else you sink. I encourage you to move onward and upward, because the alternative, while easy, will always take you straight to the bottom.



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