What I’ve Learned from Pregnancy (So Far)

While PJ’s at camp, we’ve invited guest blogger April Wingfield to fill in. Here’s part one of a two-part series, to be concluded on Thursday:

I’ve always wanted to experience pregnancy. Not just having children, but actually being pregnant. And when my husband and I struggled with this for so many months, I started to wonder if I would ever get to.

Now that I actually am with child (OK, technically with children), I’m grateful for the experience. I get a ton of joy and happiness out of it. It’s also tiring and challenging. And, as with most things in life, there are lessons to be learned from it. One I’ve caught on to: I was a mom long before I got pregnant.

My husband tells me this from time to time. He means that I’ve always had it in me to be a mother and, even before I was pregnant, I was a good momma to these sweet girls. Isn’t he nice? I have a fabulous husband.

But here’s the deal: He’s not saying that to flatter me or because of anything special I did. We are all what we aspire to be before we become whatever that is. The courage and characteristics of your dream are already a part of you. I’m not smart enough to completely understand this, I just know that God doesn’t call us to be something he later manufactures us into. He takes what you love and are naturally good at and develops it.

See, God knew what He was doing when He created you. Don’t be afraid to act as if you were already the person you dream to be. You are that person right now. You have greatness inside of you; the trick is to act on it before the evidence is there.


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