What’s Going On? 7/19/11

What’s Going On?

Every once and a while I like to take time to share what’s going on in my life and what is coming up on the blog.  So, here what’s going on.

  • It was nice to take a week away from the blog here at NGYN.  Last week Lauren and I, along with a team of youth workers from Oasis Church lead our student ministry to summer camp in Wood Worth Louisiana.  While I was away, Derek’s awesome wife and good friend of mine, April Wingfield posted some great thoughts on the days I would normally post.  April, thank you for sharing and allowing me to take a few days away from the blog.
  • We had a BLAST at summer camp.  Relationships were deepened.  Memories were made.  Great lessons and incite were learned.  1 student from our group accepted Christ!  Always a big win!  If you are looking for a summer camp where your students will have a blast and have scripture pumped into their souls, along with your youth workers being spiritually fed at the same time…CHECK OUT http://www.clearcamps.com  These people know what their doing!
  • I’m looking forward to my next few posts.  I will be writing a series titled “God Sized Perspective.”  I am looking forward to this short series of posts.  I also have some stand alone posts coming up titled “Eagerly Expecting” and “Take Your Time.”  I hope you will take a moment to stop by NGYN over the course of the next couple of weeks to check out the new material.
  • I will be tag teaming the sermon this week at Oasis Church with our Associate Pastor, John Herring.  Last fall John and I preached this sermon individually in two different services.  This summer we are going to bring it back and tag team it.  Looking forward to speaking this Sunday.
  • August 1st – 5th I have the privilege of leading an awesome team of 13 members to Wichita Kansas for a mission trip.  We will be working with Audacity Church as they prepare to launch their church in September.  One of the things I have felt God calling me to do during this season of my ministry is to lead people on Mission trips about once a year.  I am honored the Lord would use me in this way.
Well, that’s what’s going on.  Thanks for swinging by.  Thursday I will be posting the first part of “God Sized Perspective.”  See ya then!

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