God Size Perspective (Part 2)

I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel,…my imprisonment is for Christ.”Philippians 1:12-13 ESV

What a perspective! Paul had a God Size Perspective.

God Size Perspective – The ability to see your greatest obstacles as God ordained opportunities

How do you view the obstacles in your life?

How do you view your greatest challenges?

How do you view the one thing you desire for your life so much, but God won’t seem to allow it to happen?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Most of us fail to see our obstacles as opportunities.  We fall short of seeing the greater purpose behind our great challenges.  In the midst of the pain, adversity, or uncertainty we have trouble understanding why God won’t give us something that we strongly desire.  Why?  We’re human!  Our thoughts are not his thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).  God has the ability to see and understand things that we do not understand now and may not ever understand this side of eternity.

However, as children of God through our belief in  Jesus Christ ,we have the power of the Holy Spirit to give us strength, wisdom, and understanding (Ephesians 1:17-23).  We may not be able to see things exactly the way God sees them.  Or understand exactly what he’s up to in the midst of our uncertainties.

But we can fasten our grip to Gods truth.  We can lean on his word to remind us that he has a mighty plan for the lives of those that cling to him daily (John 15).  We can put our faith in the truth that he is a perfect heavenly father that knows exactly what he is doing.  And that he wants his best for his children.

Paul understood this while he was in a dirty prison cell.  Paul’s faith in God gave him the ability to possess a God size perspective.  Paul knew that his unfavorable circumstances were serving a very favorable purpose.  Paul knew that what he was going through was for Christ.

What about you?  When the temperature of your life is not set exactly where you would like it to be, what’s your perspective?  I’m not saying that you won’t or shouldn’t feel any pain during these times in your life.  I believe that is actually part of the process.  But I am saying that we need to set our sights on the fact that God is working in our greatest problems to achieve his greater purposes.

I believe one of the reasons Paul managed to press on through so much resistance in his ministry was because of his perspective.

Don’t fail to realize that in the middle of life’s uncertainties God is certainly in control.  He has already gone ahead of you.  He is with you right in the middle of the muck and mire.  He is absolutely at work behind the scenes.

If your perspective is God Sized, your greatest problems can be leveraged for God’s greater purposes.



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