God Size Perspective (Part 3)

“And most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.” Philippians 1:14 esv

Our perspective in life determines so much.  Obviously it determines how we see our circumstances.  It determines how we respond to our obstacles.  It determines the influence or lack there of we will have in the lives of those around us.  It determines how we respond to God.  Which our response to God determines everything for our lives.

As I mentioned in the previous posts of this series, Paul possessed a God Size Perspective.  He looked past his unfavorable circumstances and looked up to God to gain a healthy perspective.  He realized his problems were being leveraged for God’s purposes.  But the part I love the most is that Paul realized that his obstacles were giving others much needed confidence in their own lives.

I’m not real sure what your perspective tends to be in life.  I’m not sure if you see the glass half empty of half full.  I don’t know if you are a pessimist or an optimist.

What I do know is that God can work through your greatest burdens to give others boldness. 

Paul’s time in prison gave other believers confidence in the Lord and enabled them to speak the word boldly and fearlessly.

How can your burdens equal confidence and boldness for the Lord?

Maybe you and you are spouse have had trouble having kids.  Some one else is in the same dilemma.  Allow the Lord to use your struggles to increase the confidence of some one else.

Maybe at one point your marriage was falling apart.  But the Lord healed and restored.  Let God speak through your scars to encourage another couple walking down the path you have already walked.

Maybe you have struggled financially.  But the Lord faithfully provided.  Trust me, someone else close to you is struggling financially.  Offer someone else an encouraging word and speak of the Lords faithfulness in your own life.

Maybe you have seen the Lord’s faithfulness and blessing when you gave generously to your church and to his work.  But you know others who fear giving.  Lovingly share with them how you have never been able to out give the Lord.

Realize that your “imprisonment” aka your obstacles, uncertainties, and struggles can be leveraged to give others confidence in The Lord Jesus Christ!  God gives us obstacles for many reasons.  But a God size perspective realizes that the greatest burdens can give others boldness.

God Size Perspective – The ability to see your greatest obstacles as God ordained opportunities (Philippians 1:12-14



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