Neutral Gets You Nowhere is the brainchild of P.J. Noland and Derek Wingfield: friends and Christian brothers with shared passions for Christ, knowledge, Call of Duty, and Frito chili pie.

This blog represents its authors’ attempts to document the continuing evolution of the active Christian mind and spirit, wrestle with the sometimes-complex, sometimes-deceptively-simple ideas presented in God’s word and daily life, and help others grow safer and stronger in their own faith through doing so.

Truth-with-a-capital-T is often – too often – dismissed as unknowable, undiscoverable, and even unreal. Having accepted this conceit – that life is essentially what you-and-you-alone make of it – wayward would-be believers slip easily into a reactionary existence. They’re at the wheel, but their car is in neutral. Pushed and pulled by the tides of life, they go where others want, often under the false impression that they’re still in control. They can steer, but gravity and other forces both sinister and benign will ultimately determine their course and destination.

As our name suggests, we at Neutral Gets You Nowhere believe that a life thus lived leads to ruin. What you’ll find here, then, is an attempt to proactively address the dilemmas of being human and a child of God. We do not claim to know all of the Truth, but we are confident that we know what matters: that we are God’s and He loves us. That one day He will call us home. That this world is a sinking ship and we’d be remiss if we didn’t invite as many others as possible to join us on the life raft that Jesus represents (it’ll seat plenty, after all). And that there are forces deliberately working to confuse and bait us away from our birthright, against whom faith, truth, and courage are the most effective weapons. Everything else we’ll do our best to learn along the way. We hope you’ll join us.


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