Stuff We Like

We like stuff. Granted, the Bible is pretty clear on the whole store-up-your-crowns-in-Heaven-not-on-Earth thing, but we just can’t help ourselves. Sometimes we see, read, play, do, taste, or experience things that we think are cool. These are some of those things:

Video Games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It’s a good thing that our wives are good friends, because they’ve had to spend a lot of time together while the two of us chased each other around with knives and grenades.

EA Sports NCAA Football

Derek learned everything he knows about football from this game. More specifically, he learned everything he knows about football from losing a lot at this game.


Central Arkansas may not be globally recognized as a culturally significant metro area, but it’s got its share of good eats. We at NGYN particularly endorse the following fine establishments:

  • The Flying Fish in downtown Little Rock
  • Mr. Pancho’s in Maumelle
  • Faby’s in Conway

If you’d like to be added to that list, we gratefully accept endorsements paid in restaurant gift cards. (Just kidding… only not really.)

Your humble authors are also both blessed to have fantabulous cooks as spouses, and enjoy many home-cooked dishes and delectable treats. (When left to fend for themselves, they’re also known to resort to the occasional can of chili or box of mac-and-cheese.)


There are just way too many bands that inspire and entertain us to list here, but if we were to try, that list would definitely include Bon Iver, Bob Marley, Radiohead, The Arcade Fire, and David Crowder Band.

Movies / TV

Ditto the above – both Derek and PJ have pretty sizable DVD collections and Netflix queues, the contents of which are far too numerous to list here, but their most recent and ravenous obsessions include: Where the Wild Things Are, Fight Club, The Road, Lost, Fringe, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, The Office, Friends, and Band of Brothers.

The Outdoors in Arkansas

We can’t speak for the rest of the world, but having both been born and raised in the South, Derek and PJ have an inherent love of the outdoors. So, when the weather’s right, you’ll often find them (and other members of their posse) hiking, running, or riding along Central Arkansas’ many outdoor trails.


One response to “Stuff We Like

  • dee

    Deeper still, in my letters you will find…

    I was the one asleep through the alcoholic binging,
    Asleep through the 1 and 1 + many simultaneous relationships
    I was there before the child who became the file – I added the name to my D-file.
    I partook of “Curious George” because – I knew no better
    I was the crook who arranged the trap which stole that Virginity
    I was there – I confess – for I knew no better
    I was the one, who lay upon your SUN and blocked Gods Rays of light,
    I kept him in shade, while scorching.
    I was the one who pulled the ring from his finger as we lay – not thinking, as the song goes, “about tomorrow.”
    “I forgot about the price we had to pay,” ….
    But was reminded in mourning – the day I finally awoke
    I was the one, within the late night movie for $4.95… on good nights, 6…
    I am the one who took Christ’s life – in spite of the daily beatings he took for me…For every day I still do what is right in mine own eyes, instead of Gods…
    I understand now…
    I was the one,
    Before the Alcoholic
    Before the Cheater
    Before the Molester
    Before the Fornicator
    Before the Adulterer
    Before the Pervert
    Before the Murderer
    I WAS and AM, the abomination of all these sins…still striving to do better,

    Why?…Because now…I KNOW BETTER

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