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What I’ve Learn From Pregnancy (So Far) Part II: God’s Got This

While PJ’s at camp, we’ve invited guest blogger April Wingfield to fill in. Here’s part two of a two-part series, which began Tuesday:

Derek and I often talk about how smooth things are in our home. Over the last six years, we have settled into a comfortable rhythm. Oh, we get outside of our comfort zones in many ways (hello, blog post), but when it comes to our home, there’s a regularity that we love. Things change, of course, but there’s not much spectacle. Our little family is predictable. We get up at the same time most days, we share our chores without too much argument, the cat lazes around, the dog sleeps and plays, and he asks to go out when he needs to. Aside from the occasional cold, we don’t get sidelined too much. There are weeks that are busier than we’d like, but there’s not much drama. I hate drama.

So don’t think we aren’t aware of what we’re doing here, bringing two babies into our lives. The potential for upheaval is endless. Things are gonna be turned upside down. We’ll control what we can – good discipline, healthy sleep habits, all the stuff the books recommend. But there’s a ton we can’t control. So then what? Continue reading


What I’ve Learned from Pregnancy (So Far)

While PJ’s at camp, we’ve invited guest blogger April Wingfield to fill in. Here’s part one of a two-part series, to be concluded on Thursday:

I’ve always wanted to experience pregnancy. Not just having children, but actually being pregnant. And when my husband and I struggled with this for so many months, I started to wonder if I would ever get to.

Now that I actually am with child (OK, technically with children), I’m grateful for the experience. I get a ton of joy and happiness out of it. It’s also tiring and challenging. And, as with most things in life, there are lessons to be learned from it. One I’ve caught on to: I was a mom long before I got pregnant. Continue reading

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